Friday, 17 June 2011

Design Heroes - Robert Stewart

The Scottish designer Robert Stewart was one of the most influential Post War British designers. He was passionate about surface design and his worked appeared on many and diverse surfaces, including printed textiles, ceramics and tapestries. I bought Liz Arthur's excellent book Robert Stewart Design 1946-95 a couple of years ago and read it from cover to cover (instead of purely looking at the pictures!). I found Stewart's boundless energy and creativity a great inspiration. He was an unstoppable powerhouse within the design world of his time, which was buzzing with enthusiasm for change and innovation.

Robert Srewart Design 1946-95 by Liz Arthur

Robert Stewart attended Glasgow School of Art during the 1940s and went on to become the head of printed textile department in 1949. He taught at the Glasgow School of Art for thirty five years and over that time  he inspired many young designers to be, with his talent and passion.

Although Stewart was prolific in many fields of design, he is perhaps best known for his textiles which were produced by Liberty, Pringle and Donald Brothers throughout the 1950's.

Ardentinny - Textile Design

Macrahanish - Textile Design

Kilmun - Textile Design
Raimoult - Textile Design

Bird Design - 1948 - Gouache on Paper

More information about Robert Stewart can be found at:- 
Glasgow School of Art 

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