Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Down on the Allotment - May

It's May on the allotment already. I'm annoyed that I missed the opportunity to take a picture of the crab apple and quince blossom last month. One minute it was there the next it was gone. Now, however, there are roses in abundance to make up for it.

This was very nearly a great shot of a bee on collecting pollen from the blackberry bush. Instead I have caught the backside of said bee as it exits right of frame. The blackberry blossom looks lovely though.

When I took my allotment on in July 2005 it was like a patch of wasteland. It hadn't been worked for six years, was full of building debris, it was completely overgrown and the ground was as solid as a rock. On the plus side I inherited a lovely big blackberry bush and an established jostaberry bush. This is a cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry and tastes delicious. We're looking forward to jostaberry crumble (that's if the birds don't steal them first).

Clockwise from top left Jostaberries, Crab Apples, Quince and Blackcurrants
I bought my Portugal Quince after coming across a charming little book called Brickfields by the extraordinary painter/potter/foodie/gardener Mary Wondraush. It is a pretty, compact tree which fruits every other year and makes lovely quince jelly.

It's looking a wee bit parched at the moment so it's all hands to the pump to water the seedlings. I'm hoping for a really good downpour (sorry), before I develop muscles that a brickie would be proud of.

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