Sunday, 13 March 2011

Printmaker Heroes - Julian Trevelyan

I have long been a fan of the wonderful Artist and Printmaker Julian Trevelyan. When I first discovered his work, I was amazed to find out that he was married to another of my favourite British Artists Mary Fedden.

Julian Trevelyan was born in 1910. He read English Literature at Trinity College Cambridge but went to Paris to become an Artist. He enrolled at Stanley William Hayter's engraving school, Atelier Dix-Sept and learned to etch alongside some illustrious company in the art world including Max Ernst, Joan Miro, and Pablo Picasso. His early work was experimental and largely surrealist, whereas later he was clearly inspired by his surroundings at Durham Wharf and his travels with his wife, Mary.

Indigo Days - Julian Trevelyan's Memoirs

I love his use of colour and the way he introduces a flash of brilliance amid more muddy tones. This print below is called Chiswick Eyot and I'm lucky enough to own one (good old Ebay!) I typed in Julian Trevelyan and there it was, with my name on it (so to speak) and I love it.

Chiswick Eyot Etching and Aquatint 1971

Here are some places to find out more about Julian Trevelyan:-

The Bohun Gallery Henley-on-Thames A brilliant online catalogue featuring other Post War British Artists

Puri 1968 Etching and Aquatint - At The Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames


Paul Buhl said...

Amanda, I'm selling the Aquatint print "Wessex" #58 of 75 by Julian Trevelyan. It's an original crisbrook print, mounted on 1/8" artboard, signed and numbered. Looking for $800 but taking offers! Excellent condition, unframed. If interested, you can email me at I love the print, but need to sell it.
Paul Buhl.

Amanda McIvor said...

Hi Paul, It's a lovely print but I'm holding off from buying at the moment (bit short of space!) Good luck with the sale.