Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sketchbook Peeks

Here is my sketchbook of the moment. I covered it (well I got half way) in a montage made from a failed oil painting. This was strangely cathartic, cutting it up and recycling it. I've always loved mosaics - but that's another story.

The first 'peek' is a water colour sketch that I did in preparation for a screen print entitled 'Path to the Sea'. I did several splashy water colours like this one and goodness knows how many thumbnail sketches until I was happy with the composition. As usual, pattern has crept in as paisley clouds (well, why not?) and a mosaic path made of shells and stones etc. I like to combine a free 'brushy' feel to my prints with more controlled lines and shapes. It's retaining the liveliness of the initial sketches in the final print that is always a bit of a challenge.

Here is the finished print 'Path to the Sea'. Printed in 3 colours on Arches 88 which is a lovely soft paper with 4 deckle edges and ideal for screen printing, I get mine from John Purcell. The edition is limited to 50 and each one is signed and numbered. Click here for more information and a zoom in for a closer look.

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